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Who Committed The First Murder On Earth

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Merry Christmas to all our loyal readers.

I want to appreciate all of you, (Our Readers) who have sacrificed their data’s and time to patronize our platform. Because of you, we are still in business.

All through the year, ever in the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic, you were insistent and choose us over others as your number (ONE) news dispenser to deliver you accurate and transparent news content including blogging and SEO tips

Words can not express how much the HGS Media Plus Team appreciate your consistency despite our short comings of late news and updates.

We promise to up our game and make sure we give you nothing but the best content coming year 2022.

To appreciate you, (Our Readers) we are going to pick randomly from our comment section five person we will be rewarding with a little token as a sigh of our appreciate.

We hope this will become a habit and we will continue and do more next year.

Picking randomly from the comment section, we would like to know how historical our readers are so we will be asking a question base on history, but do not be afraid, we will make the question as simple as possible.

Below is the question

Who Committed The First Murder On Earth?

This question is for all our readers both directly on this platform and others like Nairaland.

Let us know how good you are in history by telling us the person that committed the first murder on earth. We believe it is an easy question for you to answer.

To make it fair, we are going to pick three random person from the comments section of our website and two from Nairaland since this post is going to be shared there too.

We will contact our winners by the end of today at 9pm, so please include an active email or phone number so our team can contact you to claim your prize.

Thank you all once again

We all at HGS Media Plus wish you, (Our Readers) a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

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