Moses Bliss and Marie’s Sweet Kiss Sparks Hilarious Reactions

Nigerians are in stitches with funny reactions as gospel singer Moses Bliss and his wife, Marie Wiseborn, share a passionate kiss, sealing their union in a series of matrimonial events.

The couple’s journey to marital bliss kicked off on February 27th and culminated in a white wedding and reception ceremony. The highlight of the event was when the MC encouraged the newlyweds to share a kiss.

In a video capturing the moment, Marie gave Moses a sweet peck, but the gospel minister wasn’t satisfied and pulled her in for a more significant kiss. This affectionate display, especially considering their religious disposition, left many netizens in awe.

Social media was flooded with hilarious reactions, with some users playfully cautioning Moses Bliss, saying, “You wan swallow this woman, easy o.” The light-hearted responses showcase the joy and amusement generated by the couple’s affectionate moment, creating a lively atmosphere on social media.

See video below:

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