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Mom Uses Drum and Padlocks to Protect kids’ Provisions as She Takes Them to Boarding School

A Nigerian mother has garnered attention for the extraordinary measures she’s taken to protect her children’s provisions as they return to boarding school.

With theft reportedly rampant in the hostel, this vigilant mom has gone above and beyond to safeguard her kids’ belongings.

In a video shared on social media, the mother can be seen unloading heavy iron drums, securely locked with padlocks, containing her children’s provisions.

With thieves targeting students’ possessions, this mother refuses to take any chances when it comes to her children’s safety and comfort.

By opting for heavy drums and sturdy padlocks, she’s sending a clear message that her children’s belongings are off-limits to anyone but them.

The video’s caption provides insight into the mother’s mindset, as she expresses her concern for her children’s welfare in the face of potential theft.

Watch video below:


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