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Cement Seller Refunds Customer N400 as Price Drops to N7,800

A cement seller in Kaduna state went above and beyond by refunding a customer, Ahmad Kargi, N400 per bag of cement after the price dropped from N8,200 to N7,800.

Ahmad shared his pleasantly surprising experience on social media, highlighting the honesty and customer-centric approach of the seller.

Ahmad explained that he had initially purchased the cement at the rate of N8,200 per bag. However, shortly after leaving the shop, the cement seller called him to inform him about the reduced price of N7,800 per bag.

Notably, the seller not only conveyed this information but also expressed his commitment to returning the N400 balance for each bag of cement Ahmad had purchased.

The act of the cement seller, as recounted by Ahmad on social media platform X, sparked positive reactions and praise.

Ahmad’s post reflects his surprise and appreciation for such honesty, emphasizing that such gestures contribute to the reputation of the region, stating, “If not in the NORTH, where could this happen in Nigeria?”

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