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Fuel Reseller Rejects 100 Dollar, Says It’s Not Money (video)

Fuel Reseller Rejecting Dollar note

Fuel Reseller Rejects 100 Dollar, Says It’s Not Money

A fuel reseller, (black market) rejected a hundred dollar bill given to him by a customer who can to patronize him.

A customer had bought fuel from young man and then handed him a one hundred dollar note as payment for the fuel he purchased.

The seller however rejected the note after a close look at it and apparently handed foreign currency to his partner who quickly rejected the money and told the customer he didn’t believe the currency is real.

“Oga, this one no be money,” the reseller’s partner said.

Although, the customer tried to convince him that the money is real, but still, he refused to accept the money.

“na hundred dollars be this o.” the customer said.

“I no believe,” the fuel seller responded.

Watch the video below

Fuel Reseller Rejecting Dollar note

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