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Pregnant Woman Clashes with Female Conductor on BRT Bus in Lagos

A tense altercation unfolded aboard a BRT bus journey from Oshodi to Sango as a heavily pregnant Nigerian woman engaged in a verbal confrontation with a female bus conductor, hurling insults and threats during the heated exchange.

Captured in a video circulating on social media with the caption “Na why you no dey enter BRT bus,” the pregnant woman is seen vehemently shouting at the conductor, challenging her to approach while disparaging her for working as a conductor despite having a husband at home.

In the video, the pregnant woman’s outburst escalates as she vows to physically confront the conductor despite her condition, defiantly asserting her readiness to defend herself. Fellow passengers can be heard urging both parties to calm down as tensions rise.

Following the circulation of the video on social media, various individuals have taken to the comment section to express their opinions and reactions to the incident.

See video below:


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