“I Can’t Buy an Expensive Bag Even if I Can Afford it Because of My Mother” – Ayra Starr

Ayra Starr, the Afrobeat sensation, shared some personal stuff, giving us a peek into how her decisions are shaped by her strong bond with her mom.

Even though she has the money, Ayra admitted that she avoids buying certain fancy things, like an expensive bag, because she knows her mom wouldn’t approve.

Ayra describes her mom as a typical Nigerian mom, emphasizing the lasting influence of cultural values in her life. This revelation comes from an interview that’s been making the rounds, showing a more personal side of the Grammy-nominated artist.

Her choice to prioritize family over personal desires tells us a lot about Ayra’s values and the respect she has for her upbringing. Her openness about this aspect of her life makes her more relatable, especially as her fame continues to rise.

One example she shared was holding back from buying a pricey bag, even though she could afford it. A decision she made to meet her mom’s expectations.

Ayra also talks about her mom’s protective side, mentioning how she gets calls during late-night shows.

Reflecting on her journey to a Grammy nomination, Ayra expresses gratitude for the recognition she’s received. Her prayer for this achievement came true, marking a big win in her music career.

Looking forward, the Mavin signee confidently says she’ll release an album later this year.

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