Portable Expresses Displeasure Over Wife’s Birthday Caption, Sparks Online Debate

Nigerian singer Portable finds himself embroiled in controversy after publicly expressing his displeasure over his first wife Bewaji’s choice of caption for her birthday celebration on Instagram.

Bewaji’s caption, proclaiming herself as “THE QUEEN OF HERSELF,” incited a heated response from Portable, sparking a flurry of reactions from fans and followers.

 Portable and his wife

In her birthday post, Bewaji shared stunning images of herself and expressed gratitude for the journey of life and personal growth. However, it was her self-affirming caption that caught Portable’s attention, leading to a rant in the comments section of her post.

Portable, seemingly agitated by Bewaji’s assertion of independence, voiced his frustration, claiming credit for her success and questioning her lack of appreciation.

He asserted that he was the one who played a significant role in shaping her into the person she is today, expressing confusion and disappointment over her self-reliant declaration.

Portable’s also warned Bewaji to “do better” and declared that his family does not tolerate nonsense.

While some sympathize with Portable’s perspective, acknowledging the role he may have played in Bewaji’s life, others defend Bewaji’s right to assert her independence and self-worth.

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