Pastor Usman Samson Distributes Bags of Rice and Yams to Congregation

Pastor Usman Samson, the resident pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre in Uyo, made a Sunday service unforgettable for his congregation by distributing bags of rice and yams.

The act of kindness, captured in pictures shared on the church’s official Facebook page, reveals a thoughtful arrangement of numerous bags of rice and tubers of yams in front of the altar.

According to reports from Niger Delta Insider, this benevolent initiative took place after the Sunday service on March 3.

Beyond the spiritual guidance typically associated with church services, Pastor Usman Samson’s decision to provide essential food items demonstrates a deep commitment to the well-being of his community.

This act goes beyond the pulpit, reaching into the practical aspects of life where the congregation’s needs are met with a tangible expression of care and support.

Perhaps, the distribution of rice and yams is not just a charitable act but also a testament to the pastor’s understanding of the challenges that some members may face, especially during the current hardship in the country.

See photos below:

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