Man Weds Seven Women Same Day to Prevent Jealousy (Photos)

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Marriage, they say is a beautiful thing. A Ugandan man has wowed social media users after photo of his wedding to seven women surfaced online.

The Ugandan man identified as Hajj Habib Nsikonnene is from the Mukono district of Ugandan, HGS Media Plus gathered.

Family, friends and relatives were invited to share joy and happiness in the ceremony.

The brides according to report are Aisha, Aisha, Fatuma, Sharifah, Rashida, Mariam, and Zainab.

It was learnt that a huge reception was held after the church vow and lots of guest were present to celebrate with them.

It was gathered that the seven women styled their hair differently in nearby salons at about 8am in the morning in preparation of the wedding and they were all put in a custom van that carried there names.

The groom expressed his love for the women due to their loyalty and how he separately did their introduction before marrying them all at once.

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