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Groom uses Spyro’s ‘My Guy’ Lyrics as Wedding vow (video)

A groom has got people talking after he used popular artist, Spyro ‘My guy’s lyric as Wedding vow.

The video has stirred reactions from netizens and the artist himself.

The groom used the lines, “I will never leave your side (I will never ever go) I dedicate my life to you my guy, Even if the road rough I no mind ‘Cause you be my Gee for life.”

The vow amazed thier wedding guest as they capture them on camera.

The video which has gone viral was share by the artist, Spyro via his verified Instagram handle.

The singer express his emotions while watching the video.

Sharing the video, he said:

“This brought me to tears This goes to show the power of TIMELESS/EVERGREEN music ,it transcends time ,gives hope and assurance.”

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