Adamawa Group Accused Governor Fintiri, For Excluding Youth From Executive Council

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Some youth of Adamawa state expressed their displeasure at a press conference with Adamawa state’s Governor, Ahmadu Fintiri.

The group which is a movement for progressive Adamawa on Monday, 4 September 2023 said that the youth were being excluded from state executive council.

It can be recall that this news platform reported a socio-political group, Pitapwa who also expressed their dissatisfaction to governor fintiris for not nominating group into his cabinet.

In the conference, Zubairu Abubakar, the leader of the group said:

Gentlemen of the Press, Ladies.

We sincerely thank you all for availing yourselves amidst your tight schedule. We appreciate this effort and we will like to keep this Press Conference Short and precise.

We are gathered here today under the banner of the Movement For Progressive Adamawa State to raise some concerns on an issue of importance to the Youths youth Adamawa State.

First and foremost, we will like to commend our Governor and the Government of Adamawa State for the supply of ten (10) buses in other to cushion down the hardship we the citizens are facing in the aspect of Transportation.

This gesture will go a long way in lifting up the burden of high cost of Transportation within the state. We sincerely commend the Governor for this giant step and we pray that God continue to grant him the wisdom and power to help his people the more.

Some weeks ago, a Sociopolitical and Youths advocacy group raised a very important issue on the need to have young and fresh minds who are between the ages of 25 and 39 years in the Cabinet of his Excellency. A call our group (Movement For Progressive Adamawa State) saw as worth taking into consideration by the Governor and his Government considering the huge contribution the Youths can make in shaping the polity and policies of the Government. But to our greatest dismay, the Governor paid deaf ears to this call.

One thing that cannot be over emphasized and must not be underrated is the fact that the “Youths of Adamawa State will forever remain the foundation upon which the prosperity of the state will be built upon and our physical/intellectual strength are Raw Materials needed for the growth and development of our state.” This truth is bigger and more solid than any individual’s ambition.

This issue was raised but there was no good response from the Government. We as a group have watched closely to see if the Governor will address this by including young people between the ages 25 and 39 on his list but Instead, the Governor’s handlers chose to launch a campaign of calumny against the very people who contributed their time and sweat during the 2023 gubernatorial election because they believe the vision and words of His Excellency.

Let this be on record that our reason to reecho this call for a Youthful representation in Governor Fintiri’s administration was not born out of personal interest but for the collective good of the State.

It is quite unfortunate that some within the handlers of the Governor will employ the services of some young political jobbers under the banner of Fintiri Continuity for Good Governance (FCGG) to ridicule the effort of young people by tagging it as one being motivated by the opposition. The divide and Rule tactics has always been used by the oppressor to keep the people oppressed but it’ll not work with us this time.

We will not join issues with any Youth group as our duty is for the good of the Youths of Adamawa State. But we will like to advise the so-called Fintiri Continuity for Good Governance (FCGG) group that holding Government accountable to it promises should not be seen as a rebellion against the Government.

Holding Government accountable is not equal as giving government a bad name. Holding our Government accountable to fulfill it promises is crucial for a functioning democracy and the well-being of all citizens. It helps to ensure transparency, fairness, and the effective delivery of public good. It’s an essential aspect of maintaining a healthy democracy.

It’s important for the Government to both strive for a positive reputation and earn it through actions and policies. Building trust takes genuine effort and consistent commitment. Any Government that wants a good name, must earn it. Gone are those days when anything goes.

You want to show leadership, you must take Responsibility! For as much as government can do, and must do, it is ultimately the faith it builds in it citizens and the determination of the Young that will make it successful or a failure.

Our dear Governor Rt. Hon. Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, you hold a position of great influence and authority, charged with the solemn duty of ensuring the welfare and progress of our beloved state and its residents, this lso includes carrying the Youths along in Policy Formulation and Execution.

Youth inclusion in governance is essential in fostering a more diverse, dynamic, and forward-thinking leadership landscape. Engaging young people in decision-making processes allows for fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and a representation of the concerns and aspirations of the younger generation.

We will continue to give our maximum support for the Government of the day but this will not stop us fro demanding that the Governor do right by his promises because this is the least disservice we will do to our State if we allow it to slide.

God Bless the Youths of Adamawa State.
God Bless the Governor and Government of Adamawa State.

God Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!
Thank You!

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