Unijos Student in Custody for Stabbing Neighbor Over Loud Music

A 300 level female student of University of Jos (Unijos), identified as Anita, has found herself in police custody for allegedly stabbing her male neighbor in the chest.

The incident reportedly occurred amid an ongoing exams, which added tension to an already stressful academic environment.

According to report, Anita’s frustration reached a boiling point when she was attempting to study, but her neighbor’s loud music and conversation with a friend disrupted her concentration.

In an attempt to remedy the situation, she took drastic measures by locking his door with a padlock, trapping him and his friend inside his room.

Despite pleas from the confined neighbor, Anita remained unmoved for an hour. Eventually, she entrusted a neighbor with the key to unlock the door.

Upon the door’s opening, the male student and his friend approached Anita to ask her why she locked the door.

Shockingly, she responded by stabbing the young man in the chest before retreating to her room.

The consequences of the altercation are severe, with the male student currently hospitalized and grappling with severe internal bleeding.

Meanwhile, Anita has been arrested by the police and is currently facing legal repercussions for her actions.

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