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Backlash Ensues as Housewife Advises Married Women to Dress Modesty

A housewife has ignited controversy on TikTok, where she runs an account dedicated to counseling married women.

In a recent post under her handle @okenwaoluchi29, she urged married women to dress modestly, cautioning against using the excuse of wanting to look sexy for their husbands.

The housewife argued that husbands might be tempted to cheat with more decently dressed women when their wives opt for revealing outfits.

She appealed to married women to prioritize self-respect and avoid competing with younger girls in terms of revealing attire.

This plea, however, has stirred a significant amount of backlash from netizens. Critics argue that her advice perpetuates outdated norms and places undue responsibility on women for their husbands’ fidelity.

While the housewife’s intentions may have been to encourage self-respect, the response indicates a diversity of opinions on the matter.

The statement has received a lot of backlash from netizens

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