“Who Will Marry You?” – Erica Nlewedim Addresses Men who Boast of High Body Count

Reality star Erica Nlewedim recently took to X (Formerly Twitter) to share her thoughts on men who boast about their high body count, questioning who they expect to marry with such a track record.

In her tweet, she highlighted the irony of men taking pride in their numerous romantic encounters and then shaming women.

Erica Nlewedim. Source: Instagram

Erica, known for her straightforward approach, expressed amusement at the phenomenon of men bragging about their body count.

She questioned the logic behind such boasts, emphasizing the lack of consideration for how it might impact their prospects in finding a life partner.

The model and brand influencer didn’t shy away from addressing the potential hypocrisy in such behavior. Erica pointed out that these men, who openly flaunt their romantic escapades, might later turn around and shame women for similar choices.

See Erica’s post below:

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