Seun Kuti Mocks AY Makun in Hilarious Response to Bovi’s Skit

Afrobeats artist Seun Kuti took to Instagram Live to share his thoughts on a skit performed by comedian Bovi, playfully mocking fellow comedian AY Makun in the process.

Bovi’s skit portrayed a negotiating scenario for the release of kidnapped Nigerian celebrities, with humorous twists.

In the video, Bovi haggled for the release of various celebrities, including Seun Kuti, offering different amounts of money.

The humorous highlight was when Bovi suggested a lower amount, N250k, for Seun Kuti’s release, and the abductor threatened to kill Seun if the amount was mentioned again.

During his Instagram Live session, Seun Kuti praised Bovi’s creativity and humor, contrasting him with AY Makun in a sarcastic manner.

Seun playfully referred to AY Makun as “that other guy that is not funny,” emphasizing that Bovi is indeed funny.

See video below:

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