Upcoming Artist Treks 29 Days in Quest to Meet Olamide

In an extraordinary journey fueled by dreams and determination, an upcoming artist known as Tbaddo has completed a 29-day foot trek from Delta to Lagos to meet renowned music producer and rapper, Olamide Adedeji.

Hailing from Ughelli, the 27-year-old embarked on this challenging pilgrimage with the belief that meeting Olamide would be the key to elevating his status in the competitive entertainment industry.

Setting off from Delta on January 12, Tbaddo shared his motivation for this arduous journey, expressing a deep desire to ‘blow’ in the music industry – a term used to describe reaching significant success.

The aspiring musician firmly believes that having Olamide contribute a verse to his unreleased song, titled ‘GuoGuo,’ holds the potential to catapult him to stardom.

Tbaddo’s journey was marked by financial constraints, as he initially embarked on the trek with only ₦4500 (Nigerian Naira). Along the way, he relied on careful budgeting and the energy derived from bottled drinks to sustain him.

Despite facing health issues due to a lack of adequate shelter, the determined artist sees this journey as his only chance to make it in the music industry.

Expressing his conviction that Olamide holds the key to his success, Tbaddo said that Olamide is the only person that can boost him up in the music industry, adding that If Olamide is involved in one’s song, then it means the person’s music career is elevated for life.

However, he acknowledges the uncertainty of his situation, stating that if Olamide doesn’t grant his desire, his dreams will be shattered.

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