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Lady Flaunts Lavish Interior While Taking a Swipe at Men who Lodge at N10K Hotel

A Nigerian lady, @amliaukamaka on TikTok, proudly showcased the luxurious interior of her home while making a bold statement about her dating standards.

The video, which has sparked intense online discussions, features the lady expressing her disdain for cheap lodging options while flaunting the opulence within her residence.

In the video, @amliaukamaka provides a virtual tour of her well-furnished home, showcasing different sections and emphasizing its beauty.

Her declaration, “As my house fine like this, you still dey invite me come 10k lodge. Ehh foolish boys,” has drawn attention and triggered a variety of reactions across social media platforms.

While some applaud her confidence and the splendor of her home, others criticize her for what they perceive as “broke-shaming” and arrogance.

See video below:


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