Blogger Leaks Alleged Chats of Harrysong Discussing Abortion with Wife

A Nigerian blogger, identified as Cutie Julls, has leaked alleged chat conversations involving singer Harrysong, where he is purportedly asking his wife to undergo an abortion.

The leaked screenshots also reveal other marital conflicts they are reportedly facing.

In one of the images, Harrysong is claimed to be telling his wife to terminate the pregnancy, suggesting that he will no longer take responsibility for another child from her.

The blogger alleges that the singer doesn’t want the child because his wife has only given birth to girls, and he assumes the current pregnancy might be another girl.

Another chat shows the wife accusing Harrysong of having multiple affairs, to which he reportedly admits and claims that the other women are better than his wife.

Cutie Julls, sharing one of the screenshots, expresses disappointment at Harrysong’s alleged behavior, urging him to leave such negative actions behind in 2023.

It’s important to note that the information is based on leaked screenshots, and the authenticity of the messages has not been independently verified.

See leaked chat below:

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