Simi Advocates for Firstborns: “Y’all Need to Let Them Breathe”

Nigerian singer Simi, also known as Simisola Kosoko, has taken to the microblogging platform X to passionately appeal to netizens, urging them to give firstborns in their families a break.

Simi empathetically speaks for firstborn children who often feel burdened by excessive responsibilities within the family.

 Simisola Kosoko

In her message, Simi acknowledges that being the firstborn doesn’t mean carrying the entire family’s load. She pointed out that many firstborns may be facing frustration and pressure but are unable to express it openly.

As someone who is the last born in her family, Simi empathizes with those who may be silently struggling.

Simi encourages firstborns to learn how to say no and set boundaries to maintain their mental and emotional well-being.

See Simi’s post below:

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