Cubana Chief Priest Presents Nedu with a Tortoise in Unusual Money-Making Ritual

A video circulating online has sparked reactions as business mogul Cubana Chief Priest presents media personality Nedu with a tortoise in what appears to be an unconventional ritual aimed at producing money.

The video captures the unusual scene where Nedu kneels before Cubana Chief Priest, who holds a tortoise, engaging in a ritualistic exchange.

In the video, Cubana Chief Priest questions Nedu about his willingness to live in the same house as the deity represented by the tortoise, referred to as Odejimjim. Nedu, expressing his determination to acquire wealth, enthusiastically agrees to the proposition.

As the interaction continues, Cubana Chief Priest instructs Nedu to entertain the deity by dancing for the tortoise. In an unexpected turn of events, Nedu proceeds to twerk and even attempts to rip his trousers off to demonstrate his commitment to the ritual, much to the amusement of Cubana Chief Priest.

Nedu shared the video on his platform with the caption, “I can live with it ooo….”

The post has sparked reactions, with many expressing surprise and humor over the unusual ritual.

While some see it as a humorous exchange between friends, others are intrigued by the unconventional approach to attracting wealth.

See video:

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