Jubilations as Mr Ibu Gets Discharged from Hospital

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Nollywood icon Mr Ibu has been discharged from the hospital, marking a triumphant return home after months of medical care.

The news, shared by his junior colleague Ken Erics, has sparked jubilations among fans and well-wishers who have eagerly awaited updates on the veteran actor’s health.

Mr Ibu, who captured the hearts of many with his iconic performances, faced health challenges that led to an amputation, and his journey to recovery has been a source of concern for his admirers.

Ken Erics, taking to his Instagram page, shared a touching video of his visit to Mr Ibu, expressing profound respect for the resilient actor.

The purpose of the video, as mentioned in the caption, was to bring joy to Mr Ibu’s fans and admirers who had anxiously awaited news on his health status.

The post captions, “Happy Sunday Lovelies. Something to brighten your day,”

The response from fans and well-wishers flooded the comment section, expressing relief and joy at witnessing Mr Ibu’s return home.

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