Is it Until I Die Before You Do Remembrance for Me?” – Terry G fumes

Is it until I Die Before You Do Remembrance for Me?” – Terry G fumes

In a heartfelt Instagram post, Nigerian music sensation Terry G has raised concerns about the apparent silence from fellow artists, lamenting the lack of response to his messages during challenging times.

The singer expressed disappointment over the perceived indifference, questioning the fairness of his treatment within the industry.

Reflecting on his own past generosity, Terry G reminded his colleagues of the times he had extended help to them, only to receive no reciprocation when he needed it.

He bemoaned the situation, pointing out the irony that artists who once sought him out during his prime now seem to ignore his attempts to connect.

The artist, known for his hit songs, (Free Madness) highlighted the importance of mutual support and camaraderie within the music community.

Terry G. Source: Punchng

He emphasized that recognition and celebration should not be reserved for posthumous moments, urging his peers to acknowledge and appreciate each other’s contributions while they are still alive.

“You write your fellow artiste, and there’s no response. When everyone came to G, they received hits. We don’t have to die to be remembered and celebrated,” Terry G passionately declared in his post.

Despite the challenges he has faced, Terry G concluded the post with a resilient spirit, announcing his return to the music scene. “At the end of the day, we all contribute to the global music library of sounds. Just in case, I am back.”

Thank you for the wait, “he expressed, signifying his determination to continue making valuable contributions to the industry.

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