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Man Loses His Job After He Refuses To Let His Manager Eat His Food

Man Loses His Job After He Refuses To Let His Manager Eat His Food

Somto, a man who recently shared his experience on social media, revealed how he lost his job after refusing his boss’s attempt to taste his lunch. The incident occurred when his manager, known for sampling employees’ food, went around tasting everyone’s lunch.

Somto. Source: Twitter

Somto, anticipating the boss’s approach, swiftly hid his food to avoid having it tasted. However, his boss caught on to this and responded with a stern look. Astonishingly, a week later, Somto found himself terminated from the job.

In his post, Somto shared the reason given for his dismissal: “I got fired from a workplace because I didn’t let the manager eat from my lunch. He always went around eating from everyone’s lunch, so one day, I quickly packed up all of my food before he got to me. He gave me a long, angry stare. I was fired the following week.” When asked the reason for his termination, he responded with, “I wasn’t a team player.”

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