A Wife Who Entered Through the Door, Not the Window – Rita Edochie

A Wife Who Entered Through the Door, Not the Window – Rita Edochie

In a bold declaration, veteran actress Rita Edochie took to her Instagram to throw shade at what she referred to as illegitimate wives, proudly asserting herself as a legit wife who entered through the door and not the window.

The seasoned actress didn’t shy away from ridiculing her nephew, Yul Edochie, amid his recent outbursts.

 Rita Edochie. Source: Google

Sharing a video on her Instagram page, Rita Edochie expressed her deep admiration for the legendary Nollywood actor, Pete Edochie.

In a not-so-subtle jab at those who might have entered marriage through unconventional means, she proudly declared herself as someone who took the legitimate route.

“I am a legit wife who came through the door, not the window,” Rita Edochie proclaimed, emphasizing the integrity of her marital journey.

The shade extended to Yul Edochie, whom she referred to as a ‘barking dog.’ Rita Edochie dismissed his recent statements, urging people to disregard him.

This public dismissal hints at a family dispute or disagreement, adding a layer of family drama to the narrative.

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