Food Critic Opeyemi Famakin Calls Out Daniel Regha to a Boxing Match

Food Critic, Opeyemi Famakin Calls Out Daniel Regha to a Boxing Match

Renowned Nigerian food critic Opeyemi Famakin has thrown down the gauntlet, challenging controversial media personality Daniel Regha to a one-on-one boxing match.

This unexpected challenge comes on the heels of the widely-discussed boxing match between veteran actor Charles Okocha and singer Portable Omolalomi.

Famakin Opeyimi and Daniel Regha

Taking to Instagram, Famakin expressed his desire for a face-off with Regha, known for his online critiques targeting celebrities across various classes.

In his post, Famakin suggested the possibility of shedding some weight to level the playing field, highlighting his commitment to a fair and competitive match should Regha accept the challenge.

Daniel Regha. Source: Twitter

Famakin wrote: “Dear Daniel Regha, I’m Bored. Lets Have A Dance In The Boxing Ring Also, Where can I find a trainer and how does one organize a boxing Match?”

It has sparked curiosity and anticipation among fans, leaving them eager to see if Daniel Regha will accept the unexpected invitation to step into the boxing ring against the food critic.

Famakin Opeyimi. Source: Google

Watch video below;

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