Burna Boy flaunts newly Acquired million-dollar Custom Diamond chain

Burna Boy flaunts newly Acquired million-dollar Vustom Diamond chain

Burna Boy has recently flaunt his latest acquisition – a custom-made diamond chain worth over a million dollars.

A trending video captured the singer wearing the customized chain, which added an extra layer of bling to his ensemble.

In the video, a jeweler was seen unveiling the extravagant custom-made diamond chain, which was later placed around the Burna boy’s neck.

During the video, Burna Boy humorously made a remark,

“Every time I argue with this guy about the bill’, ‘but when I see this, I feel like I probably should have paid more.”

This statement not only adds a touch of humor to the moment but also underscores the impressive nature of the newly acquired diamond chain.

 Burna Boy, Source: Google

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