Moment Yul Edochie Entered Spiritual Realm While Cautioning Against Gossip

Renowned actor Yul Edochie has sparked reactions with an unexpected spiritual moment during his ministry, urging followers to refrain from gossip.

Yul, who recently announced the launch of his ministry with the goal of winning souls, took a unique approach in a video addressing prosperity and gossip.

In the video, Yul emphasized that his ministry is not the conventional type solely focused on preaching about prosperity and progress. Instead, he delved into the importance of individuals renouncing gossip for true prosperity to manifest.

The actor shared personal experiences, referencing the gossip surrounding his decision to take a second wife in the past two years. Despite facing criticism, he asserted that genuine prosperity requires a conscious effort to avoid engaging in gossip.

During this discourse on gossip, Yul underwent a noticeable shift in demeanor, transitioning into a more spiritual tone resembling that of a traditional pastor.

This unexpected spiritual turn in Yul Edochie’s address has stirred discussions online.

Watch video below:

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