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Indian Bride Delivers Emotional Wedding Speech in Igbo

An Indian bride stole hearts as she delivered a heartfelt wedding speech to her husband in Igbo during their ceremony.

The beautiful moment captured the bride expressing her love and gratitude in a language not native to her.

Dr. Precious Anoshiri, husband to the Indian bride shared the video on his TikTok page, showcasing the multicultural bond between them.

In the video, the Indian bride, with humility and charm, read out a sweet speech written in Igbo for her husband.

Before starting, she apologized for any potential mispronunciations, demonstrating her respect for the language and its nuances.

As she delivered her speech, the bride used endearing terms to express her feelings for her husband.

She described how he made her feel and expressed her joy at marrying him. The heartfelt moment touched those present, and applause followed her heartwarming speech.

Netizens have since appreciated the bride’s effort to embrace her husband’s culture, with many noting her sincerity and the emotional impact of the gesture.

See video below:


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