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62-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth to Baby Boy After 31 Years of Marriage

Mrs. Fummi Akinade, a 62-year-old woman, has given birth to a baby boy in a private hospital in Lagos after 31 years of marriage without a child.

The successful conception and delivery were achieved through In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), culminating in a cesarean section at 37 weeks.

Mrs. Akinade, who got married in 1992, shared that she went through multiple gynecological treatments, including three unsuccessful IVF procedures, before the fourth attempt proved successful.

The baby was born at the StrongTower Hospital and Advanced Fertility Centre in Lagos.

Expressing her gratitude, Mrs. Akinade credited her husband’s unwavering support and her strong faith in God for the miraculous outcome.

She urged couples facing similar challenges not to give up and recommended seeking the right medical attention while maintaining trust in God.

While highlighting the financial challenges associated with fertility treatments, Mrs. Akinade called on the government to subsidize the cost of IVF and other fertility procedures, especially for couples facing financial constraints.

Dr. Ayodele Ademola, the Consultant Gynecologist who delivered the baby, emphasized that women above 62 years could still conceive through IVF or other assisted pregnancy methods.

He reassured couples that there are innovative approaches to assisted pregnancy, including surrogacy and advanced methods, to help them achieve their desired results.

Dr. Ademola, who is also the Medical Director of StrongTower Hospital, noted that the hospital has been conducting IVF procedures since 2014 and has witnessed successful stories in assisted pregnancy.

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