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Lady Storms Church with Her Brothers to Beat up Her Unfaithful Boyfriend

A dramatic scene unfolded at Gateway International Church in Choba, Rivers State, as a young lady and her brothers stormed the church during a service to confront and physically assault her alleged unfaithful boyfriend.

Witnesses reported that the chaotic incident began with the woman and her siblings entering the church hall and accusing the boyfriend of infidelity.

In a circulating video, the brothers can be seen confronting the young man seated at the front row, leading to a physical altercation with punches and slaps exchanged.

The church members swiftly intervened to prevent further violence, while the clergyman presiding over the service watched in disbelief.

Eyewitnesses revealed that the confrontation arose from the girlfriend’s discovery of her boyfriend’s alleged infidelity, leading to a surprise visit to the church with her brothers.

The chaotic scene left the accused boyfriend bleeding, prompting concerns about the escalation of the situation within the church premises.

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