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Man Allegedly Loses N40M Life Savings in Lagos Real Estate Scam

An abroad-based Nigerian man has come forward to share a distressing experience involving a popular Lagos real estate firm.

The man claims to have used his entire life savings of N40 million to purchase 20 plots of land from the said firm in 2017, only to find himself empty-handed seven years later.

Expressing his anguish on social media, the man reveals that he entrusted his hard-earned money to the real estate company with hopes of securing properties in Nigeria.

However, to his dismay, he alleges that he has yet to receive the promised 20 plots of land, rendering him homeless and resorting to sleeping outside.

The desperate situation has driven the man to issue a plea for help while expressing his frustration with the real estate firm. He has called on Nigerian authorities to intervene in what he describes as a devastating scam.

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