Tems Opens Up: “I Was Dragged While Growing Up Because of My Voice”

Grammy-winning Nigerian singer Tems has candidly shared her childhood struggles, revealing that she faced bullying and ridicule due to the tone of her voice.

In an interview with The Cut, Tems disclosed that she refrained from talking until the age of three, and her unique voice became a source of mockery during her formative years.


Tems expressed the emotional impact of being bullied, recalling moments of tears and feeling self-conscious about her voice.

The artist shared that the criticism led her to believe that her voice sounded like a boy or a frog, fostering an impression that her vocal tone was deemed “ugly” by others.

“I was always in my little world. When I did make friends, I would try to make them sing my songs, and other girls had these sweet, high voices, and my voice had a bass,” Tems explained.

Tems, known for her distinct and soulful voice, has risen to prominence in the music industry, defying past judgments and celebrating her uniqueness.

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