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Bottles in our Fridge Are now Bursting – Aba Resident laments 24/7 Electricity

Residents of Aba in Abia state find themselves in a state of unusual joy and jubilation following the successful operation of a Geometric power plant that has been supplying them with uninterrupted electricity, 24/7.

While many celebrate the newfound luxury of constant power supply, one resident took to the internet to share a humorous lament about the side effects.

In a lighthearted online post, a Nigerian man living in Aba showcased the state of his fridge after experiencing five straight days without a power outage.

Displaying bottles of drinks that had become heavily carbonated, he jokingly expressed his dismay at the unexpected consequences of uninterrupted electricity.

The resident, who seemed both surprised and amused, highlighted the positive impact of continuous power supply on their daily lives.

Many others from the region joined the online conversation, sharing their experiences and echoing the sentiment that they haven’t faced any power outages for days.

In the midst of the light-hearted banter, the resident commended Governor Alex Otti for the positive changes, indicating a sense of appreciation for the improvements in the state’s electricity infrastructure.

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