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Singer Spyro Plays Cupid: Nigerian Wife Surprises Husband with Valentine’s Gift in Style

Love was in the air as a beautiful Nigerian wife orchestrated a heartwarming surprise for her husband on Valentine’s Day, and the cherry on top was the involvement of popular singer Spyro as the delivery person.

The thoughtful gesture captured in a video has left many people gushing over the couple’s love story.

The caption of the video reads, “You had Spyro deliver your husband his Valentine gift,” setting the stage for a delightful and unexpected moment.

In the video, Spyro, looking dapper in red attire, arrives at the couple’s doorstep carrying a package.

The wife opens the door, revealing the surprise to her unsuspecting husband. Spyro, playing the role of a modern-day Cupid, hands over the package to the husband, who stands up in excitement.

To everyone’s surprise, the gift turns out to be bundles of cash, adding a touch of luxury to the Valentine’s Day celebration.

The heartwarming video has resonated with social media users, with many expressing their delight at the creative and thoughtful surprise.



♬ Who Is Your Guy? – Spyro

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