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Viral Video of Lady Getting Married in Wrapper and T-Shirt Amazes Netizens

A viral video capturing a humble traditional marriage ceremony has left social media users impressed with its simplicity.

The bride, featured in @obedchukwuthefirst’s video, wore a black polo T-shirt, Crocs, and a matching wrapper, showcasing a unique and unpretentious bridal attire.

The video shows a customary offering of palm wine to the bride as part of the process, possibly during the introduction ceremony or formal wedding.

In the tradition of ‘igba nkwu,’ the woman, uncertain about her future husband, is offered a cup of palm wine.

After finding her husband and presenting him with the palm wine cup, she kneels before him. Following tradition, the man takes a sip of the wine and passes it back to his spouse.

The video has gained popularity due to its simplicity, capturing the essence of the marriage ceremony.

See video below:


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