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Nigerian Soldier Laments Inability to Afford N35K Transport Fare to See Family

A Nigerian soldier shares his financial struggles after being unable to afford the N35,000 transport fare to visit his family.

The soldier, who recently completed a one-year deployment in the Maiduguri bush, expressed his frustration upon returning to the same location due to transportation cost constraints.

Having been granted a break by the military after a year in Maiduguri, the soldier faced the challenge of high transport expenses when he reached the park.

Shockingly, he was informed that the fare to return home amounted to N35,000. Realizing that the round-trip transportation cost would be N70,000, he quickly calculated that his monthly salary was only N50,000.

Confronted with the financial impossibility of affording the transport fare, the soldier candidly shared his predicament, revealing that returning to the bush in Maiduguri seemed like a more feasible option given his limited financial means.

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