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Moment Little Girl Tearfully Refuses to Leave Nigeria at the Airport

In a touching video that has struck a chord with many, a lady shared an emotional moment at the airport as her little girl tearfully expressed reluctance to leave Nigeria while the family was set to travel abroad.

The heartwarming scene captures the children, including the teary-eyed little girl, expressing their desire to stay in Nigeria. The mother, attempting to console them, explains that their holiday is over, and it’s time to return to their home in Italy.

In an effort to cheer them up, the mother promises to bring them back to Nigeria by the end of the year, ensuring they can enjoy another Christmas break in the country.

The video captioned: “My baby doesn’t want to leave Nigeria.”

The video showcases the strong emotional connection the children have developed with Nigeria and their reluctance to leave the place they have come to love during their holiday.

See Reactions below:

@beauty said: “Chai! No place like home; abroad na so so waka waka for appointments; boredom experience and receiving of letters and paying enough bills.”

@STEVEN okocha said: “Nigeria is not a boring place. It is a boring thing to live abroad. Not everyone knows that.”

@ashawo prophetess in Europe said : “Nigeria great country but the government is just our problem.”

@nice Dice said: “ni because hungry nor dey where una dey for Nigeria.”

@Nicholas Victor735 said: “them see their colours every where,so they are so happy.”

@Ellagreat said: “they have shown her real love in Nigeria, alike Italy those resist oyebo people”

Watch video below:


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