David Oyedepo: This Is The Most Corrupt Regime In The History Of Nigeria (video)

The General Overseer of Living Father Church, Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo in a sermon said that President Buhari regime is the most corrupt in the history of Nigeria.

The Bishop who revealed that many student are out of school said there is nothing to pay to send them back to school because of the wicked government.

He further said how can someone fight corruption when you are in corruption.

He made reference to the Accountant General who stole 80 billion, adding that money would have been enough to keep all the Universities running.

“They said they wanted to fight corruption. How can you fight corruption when you are in corruption?.

“The accountant General stole 80 billion naira, that is more than they need to keep all the unversities running.

“They don’t care since their children are not there.”

video below:

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