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Tinubu Pledges Swift Resolution to Farmers-Herders Crisis, Vows Programs within Weeks

President Bola Tinubu has declared his readiness to address the persistent farmers-herders crisis in Nigeria, asserting his capability to bring about a resolution within two to three weeks.

Tinubu made this commitment during the inauguration of a mechanized agricultural project in Minna, Niger State, on Monday.

Expressing determination to tackle the crisis, Tinubu emphasized the need for state governors to allocate lands that would facilitate the implementation of his proposed programs.

He outlined plans to reorient the farming population, including livestock programs, with a focus on optimizing the dairy system.

During his speech, Tinubu highlighted the economic repercussions of allowing cows to consume crops and vegetation, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive solution.

He stated, “I as the President am committed to giving you, in two to three weeks time, a comprehensive program that will solve this problem.”

Tinubu also envisioned a transformed agricultural landscape that could potentially provide daily milk for all Nigerian pupils.

He underscored the importance of proper land allocation by governors to support these initiatives, signaling a proactive approach to addressing the long-standing challenges between farmers and herders.

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