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Man Stunned by N98,000 Bill for a Plate of Rice Sparks Controversy

A Nigerian diner recently found himself at the center of a social media storm after sharing a receipt that detailed an eye-watering bill of N98,000 for a seemingly ordinary plate of rice at a restaurant in Lagos state.

The breakdown of the bill revealed an astonishing N4,320 charge for water, N59,520 for chicken skewers, and a staggering N28,280 for a Pina Colada.

To add to the financial blow, a tax exceeding N10,000 was also included, leaving the customer with a hefty tab that sparked a wave of reactions online.

Critics were quick to express their dissatisfaction, arguing that the exorbitant amount could have easily purchased a sack of rice, highlighting the stark contrast between the cost of the meal and the common staple.

Skepticism surfaced among some, with claims that the poster might be exaggerating the story for attention.

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