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Police and Passerby Mistook Man for Untouchable Comedies

A man found himself thrust into the world of mistaken identity as both police officers and passersby believed he was the renowned prankster, Untouchable Comedies.

Taking to his TikTok page, the man with an uncanny resemblance to the popular comedian shared the amusing encounter.

Recounting the incident, he detailed how police officers in Ibadan approached him with excitement, thinking they had the real Untouchable in their midst.

Hugs were exchanged, and laughter echoed as the man tried to explain the case of mistaken identity.

The peculiar incident didn’t stop with the police; even passersby were convinced they were in the presence of the famous prankster.

A group of ladies eagerly stopped him for a conversation, excitedly engaging with the man who bore a striking resemblance to Untouchable Comedies.

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