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Lady Rants After Paying N20K for Exam, Gets Disappointing Result

A TikTok user, _ahbuzor, recently took to the platform to express her frustration and disappointment after allegedly paying someone N20,000 to write an exam for her, only to receive an E grade in return.

In her online rant, _ahbuzor shared that due to certain reasons, she couldn’t take the exam herself, so she entrusted the task to someone she thought could help.

However, the outcome was far from what she expected. The individual she paid not only performed poorly but ended up with an E, which is the second lowest grade.

The lady expressed her disbelief and questioned whether the person she paid truly believed she couldn’t achieve a better grade on her own.

The incident highlights the risks and consequences associated with academic dishonesty and hiring someone to take exams on behalf of others.

See video below:


Wicked set of people😑 #_ahbuzor #fyp

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