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Solo Protester in Akwa Ibom Voices Out Against Unbearable Hardship In Nigeria

41-year-old Nigerian man David Ubaha staged a solo protest on the streets of Uyo, Akwa Ibom, expressing his disapproval of the current hardships faced by the country.

The lone protester, a native of Itu Local Government Area and businessman, took to the streets with signs strapped to both the front and back of his clothing, highlighting the challenges many individuals are grappling with.

David Ubaha decried the unbearable hardship faced by Nigerians, pointing to issues such as unplanned subsidy elimination, rampant insecurity, currency depreciation, and unchecked inflation.

Speaking to reporters, he called for President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to invest in mechanized farming, diversify the economy, revive ailing businesses, and promote local production.

In his passionate statement, Ubaha emphasized that the responsibility of fixing the country does not solely rest with leaders but with the people.

He lamented the lack of consideration for ideas proposed by the people and asserted his commitment to speaking out against the deterioration of the nation.

“The idea on how to fix this country does not reside with our leaders alone; it resides with the people, but the saddest episode is that when these ideas are being proffered by the people, the leaders will not take them into cognizance,” said Ubaha.

Expressing the personal impact of the hardships, he highlighted the rising costs of fuel and food in the market, stressing that he is not speaking for himself alone but for the broader society.

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