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Lady in Tears as Stockfish Gets Stolen Days After Resumption

In a distressing voice note that has gained attention online, a lady expresses deep pain and frustration as her stockfish (Okporoko) is stolen in the female hostel just days after the resumption of school.

The incident sheds light on the challenges faced by students, even in the early days of the new academic session.

The voice note captures the emotional plea of the lady as she addresses her hostel WhatsApp group, sharing the heartbreaking news of the theft of her foodstuff.

The lady reveals that despite the recent resumption, foodstuffs are already going missing, amplifying the struggles students face in safeguarding their belongings.

With palpable sadness in her voice, the lady laments the loss of her stockfish and asks if anyone in the hostel has seen it. She explains that someone took one of the stockfish she left outside, specifically the larger one.

Watch video below:


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