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23-Year-Old Man Buys House on Amazon for N38.1 Million

A 23-year-old man, @hittaa_jeff, has garnered attention by revealing his unique purchase of a house on Amazon for $26,280 (equivalent to N38,142,660.6).

The young man, visibly elated about this unconventional investment, shared his journey on TikTok, documenting the entire process of buying a house online.

In his initial videos, @hittaa_jeff joyfully announced the purchase and provided details about the features of his newly acquired house.

The structure, complete with two front doors and pre-installed plumbing, was delivered to his doorstep after the order was processed and shipped.

Interestingly, @hittaa_jeff explained that he opted to wait for the house to be delivered before buying land to gauge the size of the structure.

A follow-up video showcased the interior of the delivered house, offering viewers a closer look at this extraordinary purchase.

To temporarily house his new property, the young man shared that he chose to pay a weekly fee at a storage facility until he finds a more permanent location.

Watch video Below:


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