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“God Created Only Two Genders” – Former Transwoman Reverts Back to a man After Encounter with God

A man who once transitioned into a woman has chosen to revert to his male identity after a life-altering encounter with his faith.

Jeffrey Johnson shared his deeply personal story on Facebook, recounting his transition and subsequent return to his original gender.

Having undergone the process of transitioning, including breast implants, Jeffrey candidly revealed his past choices.

However, he expressed a newfound perspective, attributing his transformation to a spiritual awakening facilitated by his encounter with Jesus.

On Facebook, Jeffrey shared, “When Jesus came and found me at the age of 41 living as transgender, His exact words to me were, ‘Honey, this isn’t you; this is what the devil has done to you. God created only two genders (male and female).’ I’m so grateful that Jesus has put me back in my right mind and has turned my life around for His glory.”

Accompanied by a photograph from his time living as transgender, Jeffrey acknowledged the changes he had made, including the removal of breast implants.

He expressed his gratitude for being liberated from the mental struggles he faced during that period, crediting Jesus who renewed his mind and facilitating his healing.

Jeffrey extended a message of compassion and understanding to those currently living as transgender, relaying what he believes Jesus would say: “Honey, this isn’t you; this is what the devil has done to you. Have an awesome day. Jesus will help anyone who wants His help. So don’t ever hesitate to call upon the one who loves YOU the most.”

See Jeffery’s post below:

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