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Keke Rider Returns iPhone 13 Pro Max, Wins Praises

A Keke rider from Kastina State, identified as Labani, has gained widespread praise for returning an iPhone 13 Pro Max that a customer had inadvertently left in his tricycle.

The commendable act came to light through a Facebook post by Vera Onyekwere, who shared the story along with photos of Labani with the grateful phone owner.

Labani, a Muslim from Kastina State, found the expensive iPhone 13 Pro Max in his keke and, despite being aware of its considerable worth, chose to return it to the rightful owner.

The Facebook post features Labani with the lady who forgot the iPhone, showcasing a positive and uplifting moment of honesty.

Vera Onyekwere’s post narrates Labani’s commitment to returning the phone. Labani, upon being informed about the forgotten device, expressed his intention to return it as soon as he offloaded his passengers.

True to his word, he returned the phone without expecting anything in return. Despite being offered money as a token of appreciation, Labani initially declined, emphasizing his commitment to honesty. He eventually accepted the gesture, highlighting his adherence to the principles of his faith.

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