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“With N50k Salary You Can Comfortably Get Married as a Man in Nigeria” – Man Advises

A Nigerian man, identified as a real estate consultant, takes to TikTok to encourage his fellow men to consider the possibility of a fulfilling marriage even with a monthly salary of N50,000 in Nigeria.

The man, who shares his insights on his TikTok page @arkbricks_homes, challenges the notion that higher income is a prerequisite for tying the knot.

According to the real estate consultant, many men delay marriage, believing they need a more substantial income, only to find themselves still single when their earnings increase.

He suggests that a key factor in this equation is often overspending on non-essential items, and he proposes that a committed and financially responsible wife could be the solution.

In his observations, the consultant contends that women generally excel in managing household finances, and a good marriage, regardless of the husband’s salary, can lead to more prudent spending.

He emphasizes the importance of selecting a partner wisely, urging men to seek out women who are not averse to the idea of supporting and building a home together, even in the face of financial constraints.

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