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“How I Was Ridiculed for Kneeling to Propose to My Wife-to-be” – Man Shares

A Nigerian man has shared his experience of being ridiculed for choosing to kneel while proposing to his fiancée, Nancy.

Despite facing disapproval and criticism, the soon-to-be groom remains steadfast in his commitment to Nancy and their upcoming wedding.

The man, who is scheduled to tie the knot with Nancy in March 2024, took to his Facebook page to express his surprise at the negative comments he received for his choice of proposal.

He revealed that someone went as far as saying they had lost respect for him due to the manner in which he proposed to his fiancée.

Undeterred by the criticism, the young man focused on what truly matters to him – the respect and love he shares with his soon-to-be wife.

In his Facebook post, he emphasized that as long as he has Nancy’s respect, the opinions of others hold little significance.

He wrote, “One worthless and inconsequential man said ‘He has lost the respect he has for me’ because of my pattern of proposal. If I lose every man’s respect and I continue to enjoy the respect this woman gives me, then I have nothing else to bother about.”

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